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2006 Noisy Awards
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2006 Noisy Award Categories
Favorite ongoing title-DCManhunter
Favorite ongoing title-MarvelDaredevil
Favorite ongoing title-Non DC/MarvelWalking Dead [Image Comics]
Favorite PublisherDC Comics
Favorite WriterEd Brubaker
Favorite PencillerDarwyn Cooke
Favorite InkerDanny Miki
Favorite Color ArtistMorry Hollowell
Favorite LettererChris Eliopolous
Favorite EditorKaren Berger
Favorite One-shot, Special or AnnualNew Avengers: Illuminati
Favorite Miniseries52 [DC]
Favorite "New" CreatorDan Slott
Favorite Title Cancelled in 2006Marvel Team-Up
Favorite Non Comic Book Comic Book Related ProjectV For Vendetta movie
Best Comic Book Related News StoryRelease of DC Animated DVDs
People's Choice Categories
Favorite cover artist
Favorite character
Favorite group comic book podcast
Favorite single host comic book podcast
Favorite new group comic book podcast
Favorite new single host comic book podcast
Favorite group non comic book podcast
Favorite single host non comic book podcast
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Comic Book Savant
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Paul French - Poptopia
Joe Gonzales - Comic News Insider
Scott Hinze - Fanboy Radio
Loren Javier - One Diverse Comic Book Nation
Ian Levenstein - Comic Timing
Mike Myers - Rocky Mountain Comic Book Noise
Christopher Neseman - Around Comics
David A Price - Bullpen Bulletins
Ron Richards - iFanboy
Peter Rios - Comic Geek Speak
Bruce Rosenberger - Komicskast and Comics Podcast Crossover
Bruce Stewart - Comic Book Noise
Tim Terrell - Tim's Quarter Bin
Sean Whalen - Raging Bullets
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