Episode 13 First Week of College

Its that time for the first week of college football. Don’t forget there is a contest, listen to the episode for how to enter. Here’s everyone’s picks


USC  27-Vandy 10
Idaho  31-Eastern Washington 13
Boise St 24-Michigan State 17
Notre Dame 17-Navy 13
Bama duh 20-Meeeeeechigan 15
Louisville as they start their march as the 3 loss team that will still be in a BCS game  35-Kentucky 24
Va Tech 42-Ga Tech 24

His Pick em Game
Clemson over Auburn in the battle of the tigers 42-35


Vandy 21, Sakerlina 17
Vanals 28,EWU 10
Sparty 24, Boise 7
Navy 27, Irish 17
Michigan 17, Alabama 16
UL 17, UK 14
Hokie High 28, Ga Tech 20

Shawn (who apparently gets the wrong USC)

USC over Vandy: This is be a blowout. The only way this game is close is if Colorado substitutes for USC.

Idaho over EW (Kibbie Dome!)

Boise over MSU. Handily. 31-10.

Notre Dame & Navy: ND in overtime

Michigan over Alabama. 17-16

Louisville over Kentucky. Kentucky will play hard, but Louisville is solid.

VA. Tech over GT.


Ohio over Penn State.


Idaho, Boise, Notre Dame, Alabama, Kentucky and Va Tech


Cocks beat Dores 35-28
Idaho beats E-Dub 21-18
Sparty over Boise 38-14
Irish over Navy 24-17
Meeeeeeeeeeechigan over Bama 42-31
Pitino over Calipari 78-77 (wait, this is football? make it 14-13 then)
Hokies over the Engineers 27-23

Pick ems

PSU over Ohio
Clemson over Auburn